EmailDelivery Review: Use This Self-Hosted Email Service Provider to Maximize Your Email Marketing

A Complete Guide to EmailDelivery: Explaining Its Functions and Reasons for Selecting It

EmailDelivery Review

EmailDelivery Review — Introduction

Are you weary of battling the constant battle to make your email marketing initiatives effective? The competition to dominate your inbox can be fierce, and standard email service providers frequently let you down in management and performance. 

Imagine maximizing your email marketing independently of third-party platforms on your terms. In this post, we’ll look at how EmailDelivery can revolutionize your email marketing efforts and open up new avenues for your business. 

EmailDelivery is a game-changing self-hosted email service provider that runs flawlessly on any Linux VPS.

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What Is EmailDelivery?

One of the more powerful email service providers is EmailDelivery, which allows you to send personalized email campaigns from your IP addresses for free. 

With this innovative technology, you may send emails using the power of your IP addresses and enjoy unlimited delivery across various Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs) and Email Service Providers (ESPs). It allows you to optimize your email route for maximum deliverability and improve your sender reputation by utilizing cutting-edge load-balancing techniques.

How Does EmailDelivery Work?

1. Streamline Email Forwarding:

Using load balancing, EmailDelivery gives you complete control over your email deliverability and sender reputation, ensuring that your emails are delivered effectively to their intended recipients.

2. More Detailed Segmentation

Send campaigns to numerous lists, tags, and segments simultaneously using EmailDelivery’s sophisticated segmentation features to customize your messages for particular audiences depending on their interests and actions.

3. Mechanic Sequences:

Create automated message sequences to increase your return on investment and maintain contact engagement. Find the right cadence for your drip campaign to increase open rates.

4. Contextual Email Design:

Easily create responsive emails with the user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. Start by creating an email from scratch or using a template. Create email opt-in forms responsive to all screen sizes and use exit intent bounce detection to collect email addresses from visitors who leave your website.

5. Power of Integration:

For increased functionality, easily integrate with SMTP relay accounts and APIs such as Mailgun, Amazon SES, and SparkPost.

EmailDelivery Review — Features and Benefits:

Features of EmailDelivery Review

1. Self-Storied Liberty:

With EmailDelivery, you have complete control. Reap the benefits of self-hosted email service provider independence and flexibility. Gone are the days of depending on unreliable, limited third-party systems.

2. Abundant Delivery Capability:

With no delivery limits, you may send emails with confidence. Use the power of your IP addresses to ensure that your communications are delivered to the right people without any problems.

3. More Complex Routing:

Manage your sender reputation and email delivery by using load balancing and smart routing. Your emails will travel the best route to inboxes, increasing the legitimacy of your message.

4. Targeted Division of Labor:

Get the most out of your campaigns by using sophisticated segmentation. Make sure your messages align with the interests and behaviour of each recipient by concurrently reaching numerous lists, tags, and segments.

5. Mechanic Sequences:

The days of manual follow-ups are over. Make automated email sequences that increase return on investment and engage your contacts. Adapt the schedule to get the highest open rates.

6. Contextual Email Design:

Easily create visually appealing and responsive emails with the help of the user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. Your emails will look fantastic on any device, whether you start with templates or create them from scratch.

7. Power of Integration:

Establish a smooth connection with well-known SMTP relay accounts and APIs like SparkPost, Amazon SES, and Mailgun. Savour the enhanced adaptability and features that integrations offer to your marketing initiatives.

Benefits of EmailDelivery Review

1. Improved Delivery Capability:

Say goodbye to your concerns about emails ending up in spam boxes. With EmailDelivery, you can optimize routing to ensure your emails arrive in the inbox regularly.

2. Saved Expenses:

Lower your email marketing costs by using your IP addresses for free. Adieu to exorbitant monthly subscription costs.

3. Complete Command:

In charge of your email marketing plan. Adapt email delivery, segmentation, and automation to your company’s objectives.

4. Current Insights:

Get access to engagement metrics in real-time, such as opens, clicks, and more. Refine your marketing by being informed and making data-driven decisions.

5. Internal Promotion:

Email marketing is easy for agencies and small organizations to bring in-house, giving them complete control and ownership over their email marketing initiatives.

6. Forever Access:

Take advantage of EmailDelivery’s lifetime access to ensure you have a long-term solution to accelerate your email marketing.

In the following parts, we’ll detail how EmailDelivery can transform your email marketing, who should use it, and how to get the most out of this potent tool. Let’s get going!

What EmailDelivery Can Do For You

Numerous advantages provided by EmailDelivery might revolutionize your email marketing campaigns. The following 15+ points summarize the benefits this platform can offer you:

  1. Emails can be sent for free by utilizing your IP addresses.
  2. Unlimited Delivery: Take advantage of limitless email delivery through MTAs and ESPs.
  3. Optimized Routing: Use advanced load balancing to raise the sender’s reputation.
  4. Throttling Control: Choose hourly or daily transmission caps based on your needs.
  5. Automate IP Warmup: Make the process of acclimating fresh IPs more efficient.
  6. Customized Delivery: Use your ESP to customize email delivery for every consumer.
  7. Integration with SMTP Relays: Easily work with APIs and SMTP relay accounts.
  8. Send campaigns to several lists, tags, and segments at once with advanced segmentation.
  9. Automated Sequences: Design personalized drip programs to get the most interaction.
  10. Access real-time engagement metrics, such as openings and clicks, with real-time reporting.
  11. Responsive Email Builder: Use our user-friendly drag-and-drop builder to create responsive emails.
  12. Take note of email addresses as visitors leave your website with Exit Intent Bounce Detection.
  13. Email opt-in forms: Make sure your forms are responsive to all screens.
  14. In-house Email Marketing: It’s simple for agencies and small companies to do email marketing internally.
  15. Lifetime Access: Obtain EmailDelivery access for a lifetime.

EmailDelivery Review — Ideal For:

  • EmailDelivery is a perfect fit for the following companies and professionals:
  • Consultants: For consulting services, improve email marketing.
  • IT/Security Agencies: Boost email marketing for companies prioritizing IT and security.
  • Marketing Agencies: Improve marketing agencies’ access to email marketing services.

Why You Should Use EmailDelivery

To sum up, EmailDelivery provides these strong arguments for selecting it:

  1. Cost-effective: Lower email marketing expenses by using your IPs for free.
  2. Advanced Features: Access automated sequences, sophisticated segmentation, and more.
  3. Optimized Deliverability: Boost sender credibility and email deliverability.
  4. Flexibility in Integration: Easily integrate with a range of ESPs and MTAs.

EmailDelivery Review — Pros and Cons:

Pros of EmailDelivery Review:

  • IP address usage is free.
  • Sophisticated segmentation.
  • Instantaneous reporting.
  • Responsive email creator.
  • Incorporation with widely used email services.

Cons of EmailDelivery Review:

Calls for a Linux VPS.
It may require some initial learning.

What You Will Get with EmailDelivery

  • To put it briefly, EmailDelivery provides the following advantages:
  • Improved deliverability of emails.
  • More command over email marketing operations.
  • Savings through the use of free IP.
  • Access to sophisticated features for email marketing.
  • Integration with widely used MTAs and ESPs.

How to Use EmailDelivery to Earn Money

  • The following steps can help you realize EmailDelivery’s earning potential:
  • Providing clients with email marketing services.
  • Provide advice on optimizing email marketing.
  • Enhancing the email marketing skills of your company.

EmailDelivery Review — Pricing Plans

Three price categories are available for EmailDelivery:

  1. Tier 1 License: $69 (Lifetime access, one frontend and one backend for email marketing)
  2. Tier 2 License: $129 (Lifetime access, six frontends for email marketing, one backend)
  3. Tier 3 License: $249 (unlimited frontends and backends for email marketing, lifetime access)

SMTP relays are infinite, and dynamic segmenting is included and more with all plans. In addition, a sixty-day money-back guarantee is offered to guarantee contentment.

EmailDelivery Review — Q&A:

Q1: Conforms EmailDelivery with the GDPR?

A1: EmailDelivery complies with GDPR.

Q2: Do I need a Linux VPS to use EmailDelivery?

A2: A Linux VPS is necessary for EmailDelivery to function.

Q3: Does the pricing structure include any restrictions on sending emails?

A3: Different access levels are available with each pricing plan, but all plans come with dynamic segmentation and unlimited SMTP relays.

EmailDelivery Review — Conclusion:

To sum up, EmailDelivery is a self-hosted email service provider that assists companies in making the most out of their email marketing campaigns. The solution is attractive to consultants, IT/security firms, and marketing agencies due to its capabilities, which include comprehensive segmentation, automated sequences, and free usage of your intellectual property. 

Improved deliverability and cost savings make it a viable investment, even though it does require a Linux VPS and may have a learning curve for novices. Consider EmailDelivery a potent instrument to improve your email marketing efforts and gain command over your sender reputation.

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